David Briley

Mayor David Briley took office in the wake of a scandal and plea deal that had forced his predecessor to resign.  In addition to the immediate challenges of a surprise transition, Briley – who had been serving as Vice Mayor – had to run in a special election to fill out the remainder of his predecessor's term. 

The campaign we created for Briley did triple-duty: introduced him to an electorate that knew his name but didn't have a feel for who he was, showed him as a leader righting the ship of a city that had been engulfed in chaos and confusion while establishing a clean break from the previous, politically tainted, administration, and presented a new, forward-looking vision for Nashville's future that resonated with voters. 

Briley defeated 12 challengers and racked up 54% of the vote in the special election, winning all 35 council districts and avoiding a costly runoff.

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