Angie Craig

After Donald Trump won Minnesota’s second district, Angie Craig sought to unseat Republican firebrand Congressman Jason Lewis.  In the politically crowded and expensive Minneapolis media market, we used a mix of targeted television and digital advertising to tell Angie’s unique story from growing up in a trailer park to working her way through college and becoming a business leader at a health care company.  We contrasted Lewis’s out-of-touch Washington ways with Craig’s hands-on, accessible, authentic approach.  Our narrative included Angie’s family’s struggles growing up as well as her free-wheeling one-on-one meetings and drive around Minnesota –  including beers with Minnesota Republicans and Independents to tackle our toughest problems.  As Democrats across the country struggled to connect with working-class voters, Angie relayed the compelling story of her son, Josh, and his path to pursue a technical career.  Angie went on to win convincingly in a traditionally Republican district.

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