Scott Peters

At the beginning of the campaign cycle, national pundits called this  “the third most competitive House race in the country.”  In this truly purple, battleground district, we developed a campaign to incorporate the unique sense of San Diego, the Scott Peters story, and the clear distinction from his Tea Party Republican opponent. The son of a minister and secretary, Peters became a City Councilman and Port Commissioner who cut through bureaucratic tape to create jobs and improve police and firefighter response times.  In Congress, Peters took that same approach as a problem-solving reformer.  The Scott Peters story contrasted well with that of his opponent -- a Tea Party radical with a reckless record of cutting education, student loans, and veterans’ health care.   We developed a winning, innovative campaign that cut through the clutter -- including testimonials from real San Diegans and a unique sense of humor – including a concept ad with kids as Washington politicians.

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